Exit Moon from Kenny Carr

Guitarist Kenny Carr demonstrates his prowess as a composer and leader on his solo recording Exit Moon, harnessed in R&B-based grooves.. His instinct for keeping the tracks moving is evidence of his talent, and his sense of writing melodic hooks is admirable.

Each track stands out, showcasing another facet of Carr's artistry as a striking guitarist and creative composer. The upbeat tempo of "Perpetual Motion" has a dance-pop vibe that contrasts the romantic soars of Carr's guitar in "Bicycle Theory" tethered to the downy beats of bassist Andy Hess and drummer Tony Mason. The grooving rhythm strapped around "Chicken Wings" makes room for Carr's free-style musings which shape the dynamics of the melody, keeping the music in a state of flux.

"Old School" has a Southern blues texture reminiscent of the models of BB King and Albert Collins but with Carr's upbeat signature written all over it. The entangling chord patterns of Carr's guitar have a tinge of country traction reflective of Steve Earle, displaying another dimension in Carr's playing. 

The relaxed swagger of Carr's guitar in "Keep Me Rolling (on the Road)" turns fiery on "Earth People" as he carves sharp inflections along the track, flexing his reflexes to move his fingers swiftly across the fret-board and hold notes to a punctuated squeal. "Morioka" ignites a slow simmer which softens further to a tender smolder in "Light House" as Carr gingerly molds the chord movements. The title track returns to Carr's bluesy jazz roots, proving his manual dexterity as an architect of Americana blues.

Kenny Carr flaunts his distinct style as a composer and guitarist on Exit Moon, keeping the melodic progressions in a state of flux and always intriguing the listener with dazzling chord patterns and complex entanglements. Carr keeps the tracks active while maintaining a melodic sensibility. Elements of Americana are found throughout the recording whether he explores his bluesy jazz roots or indulges in R&B-tooled grooves, the music is laden in Americana traits.

Kenny Carr - guitar, Andy Hess - bass, Tony Mason - drums, and George Laks - Wurlitzer

Perpetual Motion, Bicycle Theory, Chicken WIngs, Old School, Keep Me Rolling (on the Road), Earth People, Morioka, Light House, Exit Moon